Rent of apartments in Haifa

Rent of apartments in Haifa.

Haifa is a great choice of the city! It is in Haifa that dreams can come true for those who want to live by the sea, enjoying gorgeous views. It is here that you can live not only at the coast line, but also on the heights of Mount Carmel. It is from the mountain and its hills that without exaggeration magnificent views and landscapes can be viewed. In Haifa, you can find different options for renting apartments both in the price range and taking into account your individual preferences.

However, for people coming to Israel to permanent residence it is difficult to make in a short period of time decisions related to the choice of apartments. Not a small worry cause fears about how to rent an apartment in Haifa without knowing Hebrew. After all, the absolute majority of apartment owners do not speak Russian. It should be admitted that these fears are not unfounded. This is just a part of the questions that you will have.

Apartments for rent in Haifa for repatriates.

The aim of the project is to make the repatriation process for new olimes more mild.

We have combined this idea with a number of real estate brokers in Haifa, working for the international company Century 21 Gold. Let’s move on to the specifics — what do we offer?

No commission when renting an apartment!

Why? It’s simple, agents have a license, reputation, the owner pays the broker and this is a part of the owner’s expenses! In fact, you rent an apartment in Haifa without intermediaries since you do not have the cost of intermediaries!

The broker with whom you will cooperate, ideally knows Hebrew and Russian, has a license. Everything is transparent and formal. Employees of the real estate agency Century 21 Gold have lived in Israel for more than 20 years and have great experience!

At the conclusion of the rental contract at the office of the company you will be provided with the translation of the rental contract in Russian! Want to use your interpreter — no problem!

Free accompaniment of the apartment rental contract!

After the conclusion of the apartment rental contract, the broker will accompany you in all instances that you need to visit after signing the apartment rental contract. This is an important point, which removes one more major part of the headache from you. The broker accompanying you will help you and transfer all the necessary accounts to you, as required by the apartment rental contract, namely water, electricity, gas.

As a bonus, you will receive a discount on arnon. All this will be done quickly and will save you from independent campaigns on state institutions, without knowledge of the language. Also, by itself, you can get any advice related to household issues. offers a solution to the issue of renting apartments in Haifa for new immigrants, almost on a turn-key basis. You do not need guarantors! You do not need to provide income statements and everything that you cannot have since you are just making your first steps in Israel! The only thing that is required of you is to choose an apartment in which your new life in Haifa will begin. You may see a part of the offered apartments in the Apartments section. This section contains only a part of the apartments, all your wishes for the new housing will be heard and implemented!